SSMC is the first wafer fab in Singapore to use NEWater.

SSMC uses Newater to produce Ultra Pure Water (UPW), Which is used in the manufacturing of Integrated Circuits (IC). SSMC started to use Newater as early as Year 2003. Currently 98% water used in SSMC is Newater. The Newater supplied by Public Utility Board (PUB) is of high quality and cheaper compared to Domestic water and therfore suitable to produce Ultra Pure Water at manufacturing Plants. SSMC uses almost 1.5million cubic meter of Newater and saves S$ 700K annually. SSMC also implemented various projects to recycle almost 50% of Ultra Pure Water which helps Singapore to conserve water.

SSMC's MAXA Journery - key success factor: consistency in manufacturing variables

SSMC was interviewed by Business Times to share experience in MAXA audit process. Mr Jagadish, CEO of SSMC, says the journey of cost excellence is not purely about cost-cutting but also about improving productivity in terms of yield, cycle time and defect density.

Successful Presence for SSMC at SEMICON Singapore 2009

On 20-22 May, SSMC participated in SEMICON Singapore 2009 which is the largest Semiconductor show in South East Asia , with 123 companies exhibit, showcasing the latest development in Semiconductor industries.SSMC has established strong presence as a leading JV fab in SEA semiconductor industry. With SSMC’s CEO Mr. Jagadish active participation at Opening Ceremony, Seminar Keynote & Press Conference to showcase SSMC exciting product portfolio & unique process capabilities – eTransactions, RFID, HDMI, LED, PMU, HV, Automotive (intelligent car key).

SSMC Supplier Day - Celebrating winning partnership with top suppliers.

On 16 April 09, SSMC held its 5th annual Supplier day event to honour its top suppliers. Approximately 50 attendees from 7 companies were gathered in presence of SSMC senior executives with the aim to recognise its outstanding suppliers; to share business outlook and to focus on partnership opportunities in 2009.

SSMC Sustainability Report 2009 issue

SSMC is the first Wafer Fab in the world to implement NEWater, a high grade reclaimed water produced from treated used water for our manufacturing processes. This initiative help to save water consumption through the use of recycle water, and at the same time fulfill the high-quality water requirement.

SSMC successfully received QC 080000 IECQ HSPM Certification

SSMC is delighted to announce the successful accreditation of IECQ QC080000 in Feb 2009. The QC 080000 standard is aimed at assuring electronic products we made are "hazardous substance free" with considerations in area of hazardous substance management for all operational procedures. This milestone marks another step forward to strengthen the competitiveness of our customers, preserving our environment and support SSMC business excellence journey. Please learn more about QC 080000 & quotes from SSMC CEO & VPs.