Sustainability: SSMC being Water resilience for competitiveness

Singapore International Water Week was held on 10 Jul, SSMC contributed an article in “People in Water Research” section in the Public Utility Board R&D’s Publication: Innovation in Water. Mr. Jagadish CV, our CEO talked about the importance of achieving Industrial water sustainability.

Eco Action Award 2016

On 3 Jun, SSMC won 2016 Eco Action Award – the MOST EFFORT ECO AWARD. This award recognizes the organization who puts in the most effort in greenness based on contents & originality; design; relevance; interactive; overall experience. SSMC has initiated various projects for environmental preservation & conservation. All employees has made Green pledge to support Eco Actions (reduce energy & resource consumption) minimizing carbon emissions.

Transform 2016 & NIQC 2016 marks 15 years of Continuous Innovation

The 2016 SSMC Transform & NIQC (National Innovation & Quality Circle) Convention was held 25-26 May 2015 at the Ramada Hotel. This year, the company celebrates the 15th anniversary of Transform. This platform, aims to provide opportunities for learning, sharing and recognition, generated thousands of idea & improvement projects; hundreds of patents, trade secret, professional publications over the years. It has been, and will continue, driving the company towards a culture of excellence.

Official opening of L.E.A.N. centre - building a high value knowledge based workforce

On 16 May, SSMC LEAN centre was officially opened L.E.A.N. stands for Learn, Experience, Acquire & Nurture. SSMC new hires get their first hands-on experiences working in a simulated mini-fab environment & training will be conducted in this centre before commencing the OJT in the Fab. We are pleased to have guest of honour, Mr. Lim Swee Say, Minister of Manpower to grace this event and launch Wafer Fab PCP (professional conversion program-PCP refers to talent from non-wafer fab industry).

Supplier Day 2016

On 29 April 2016, SSMC awarded 5 suppliers for their extraordinary performance in areas such as technology support, quality, price categories, sustainability and commitment. During the event, Mr. Jagadish, CEO of SSMC, highlighted the critical role of suppliers in SSMC's continued success. "SSMC will continue to need supplier's partnership and commitment in our journey as the preferred source of advanced semiconductor wafers and deliver best-in-class foundry services", he said.

SSMC's Strong Growth Drives 68K wafer Capacity Expansion

Less than a year ago, SSMC expanded capacity by 10% to 65K wafers output per month, and once again today, we are making another breakthrough to realize our ramp up possibility from 65K to 68K wafers output per month. An official opening ceremony was held on 13 April to commemorate this new milestone in SSMC’s Fab Capacity expansion journey.

SSMC Demonstrates Commitment to Water Conservation in Water Efficiency Management Plan

SSMC, as a major semiconductor wafer fabrication plant in Singapore, is one of the biggest water users in the industries, consuming huge volumes of domestic water daily. Since 2015, SSMC has been proactively submitting our Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP) to Public Utilities Board (PUB). The report clearly outlines readings from the installation of private meters to measure and monitor water consumption at SSMC, in order to account for the breakdown of water use at the various usage areas in our premises. This has helped SSMC to better understand and take ownership of our water usage.

Singapore World Water Day 2016: Make Every Drop Count

On the morning of 20 March, 46 SSMC employees and family members joined residents of Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC in the Brisk Walk held at Punggol Waterway. Donning the specially printed event polo t-shirt, SSMC employees and family members embarked on a 4.2km brisk walk along the waterways located at the northeastern end of Singapore. SSMC recognizes the importance of water sustainability as we are a heavy user of water in our production process. We will strive to reiterate the importance of water conservation both at work and at home.

An Hour for Earth: Earth Hour 2016

On 19 March, SSMC actively participated in joining thousands across the globe to give one hour “break” to Mother Earth by switching off the non-essential lights of our business premises to celebrate Earth Hour. With the support from all our employees, SSMC “switched off” from 2030 hours to 2130 hours in support of this event.

SSMC Gives Back to Society: Community Event to Gardens By The Bay

Led by SSMC’s Sports, Recreation & Community (SRC) team, SSMC colleagues have always been actively engaged in various programs and services that exhibited the spirit of giving and sharing. 12 March 2016 was another exciting and fruitful day where we made a difference to community at large. On this Saturday morning, SSMC partnered with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Welfare Services Club to provide support to The Singapore Cheshire Home, a residential home and a day care centre who work tirelessly to transform the lives of disabled people living with them.

SSMC Presents at Workshop on Microelectronic Manufacturing Trends 2016

On 29 January 2016, SSMC showed a strong presence at the 2016 Workshop on Microelectronic Manufacturing Trends. The workshop is organized by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), and held at ITE College Central. Mr. Dhruva Shukla, Senior Director of Technology Development & Integration presented “Technology Roadmap: Opportunities and Challenges”; and Mr. Ho Eng Keong, Director of Photo & IT, also shared a talk on “Leveraging Technology in the Manufacturing Automation of Legacy Fabs”

SSMC signs MOU with Institute of Technical Education (ITE)

SSMC and ITE have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the official MOU Signing Ceremony held at SSMC. The MOU was signed by Mr. Bruce Poh, Director and CEO of ITE, and Mr. Jagadish C.V. CEO of SSMC, on 8 January 2016. The MOU is intended to harness education institution and Industry partnership to develop future-ready, highly-skilled and self-sustainable supply of local talent to meet the future demands of the Semiconductor Industry.