Video Highlights of SSMC Annex 10 Opening Ceremony

Video Highlights of SSMC Annex 10 Opening Ceremony

SSMC Opens Advanced Automotive Cleanroom ANNEX10

On 27 Nov 2018, SSMC is proud to have Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister of Trade and Industry, as our guest of honour to grace the SSMC Annex 10 opening. Together with Mr Pee Beng Kong, Director of Electronics, Singapore EDB, Mr David Reed and Dr Wang Ying Lang, SSMC boards of directors, Jagadish CV, CEO of SSMC officially launched the facility. This investment of S$300M cleanroom space will boost SSMC’s automotive wafer production and is a living lab of Industry 4.0.

SSMC celebrates SEMICON 50

14 Nov 2018 marked the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the semiconductor industry in Singapore. Jagadish and his team from SSMC joint the SEMICON50 dinner. We will continue accelerating growth by developing our deep capabilities in making specialty wafers for Smart cars and IoTs for many more decades to come.

MTA 2018 Keynote: SSMC’s Journey towards Big Data, IoT

On 30 Oct, Microelectronics TECH Asia 2018 conference was held at ITE College Central. Mr Jagadish, CEO of SSMC, was invited to be the keynote speaker. He presented “SSMC’s Journey towards the Big Data, IoT – Applications for Advanced Manufacturing”. He explained, big data analytics, A.I. and Machine Learning megatrends will define a new way of working and bring a new perspective on learning for all.

SSMC is featured in “The Money Mind” Show

On 18 Aug 2018, SSMC is featured in “The Money Mind - ASEAN Series: The Makers” TV program of Channel News Asia. SSMC is one example of the advanced manufacturers that collaborates within ASEAN and transforms its business in the global market. In its transformation journey, SSMC focuses on specialty semiconductors for the future trends of autonomous vehicles & IoT product demands.

SSMC offers 3 Singapore Industry Scholarship Awards

SSMC places strong focus in grooming the next generation talents in semiconductor Industry. On 2 Aug 2018, in the Singapore-Industry Scholarship Award Ceremony, Mr. Jagadish, our CEO, and his HR team awarded 3 deserving recipients who will contribute in SSMC after their studies.

SSMC CEO speaks at TechXchange debate of 2018 SIWW

On 8 July 2018 Mr Jagadish participated the SIWW TechXchange and made his stand on water conservation. A lively debate was sparked between 2 teams that represented the insights of end users and the voices of technology providers. They deliberated Water Solution Needs vs Innovative Offerings; Cost of Ownership vs Value Creation; their perspectives of Technology Application vs Solutions Integration & standardization. Both teams successfully identified the gap to be bridged in building a sustainable ecosystem for the water conservation.

SSMC 17th TRANSFORM & NIQC Convention Focus on Quality

This year, SSMC held its 17th Transform Convention 5-6 Jul 2018. 31 teams (250 participants) from both Engineers & Operators categories were competing in this year. They presented their innovative ideas for improving quality, productivity, safety and cost efficiency. After the two-day competition, winners from both categories emerged and presented with prizes during the company D&D.

SSMC shared its Smart Factory Initiatives in 2018 WMMT

On 18 May 2018, Mr Lim Beng Kiat, purchasing director of SSMC, was one of the keynote speakers of Workshop on Microelectronics Manufacturing Trends (WMMT). 180 audiences from microelectronics industries, research bodies, higher learning institutions and government agencies were gathered. He spoke on the future industry trends which will be highly digitalized, robotized or mechanised and emphasized that the world of disruption is here. To disrupt or be disrupted is our choice.

SSMC Awards Top Graduates in Nanyang Poly Graduation Ceremony

On 7 May 2018, Mr Jagadish, CEO of SSMC the guest-of-honour for Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Engineering graduation ceremony, Diploma in Electronics, Computer & Communications Engineering course. Five SSMC awards were given out to the top graduates in recognition of their excellent project works.

Our End Customer Appreciates 15 Years of Strong Partnership with SSMC

On 27 April 2018, SSMC received a Distinction Award presented by our US based end customer. This is to recognize SSMC’s strong support and dedication in the service and production of their high performance analog & RF products.

SSMC demonstrates ways to be water efficient in SgWM course

On 27 April 2018, during the Singapore Water Management (SgWM) series 2018 organised by PUB, Jagadish, CEO of SSMC shared the factory’s journey towards water efficiency and insights of water sustainability strategies from the manufacturing industry perspective. Specialists from 8 other countries attended this event, and traded water conservation strategies.

SSMC leads by example to care the environment

In a news article on 21 March 2018 that featured SSMC, Mr Jagadish, CEO of SSMC, shared about how SSMC plays its role in battling climate change. With new chillers and pumps being upgraded, the company has saved electricity equivalent to the average usage of 4200 four-room flats in a year. Green-house gas production from manufacturing has decreased greatly with the use of new non-hazardous chemicals.

SSMC walks for Water in Singapore World Water Day 2018

World Water day was held on 3 March 2018. Jagadish, CEO of SSMC and his team was honored to be part of the opening ceremony, Graced by President Halimah Yacob. 80 SSMC staff participated in a 1.8KM walk, the distance that people in other countries walk to access clean water. SSMC recycles 75% of our water in production, making every drop count.

2018 Environment, Health & Safety Day Focus on Climate Action

On 2 March 2018, a series of exciting events was held to celebrate EHS Day which focus on raising awareness on environmental conservation and Climate Action. In this company-wide event, more than 300 SSMC pledged to save water and electricity. They were fully engaged with many activities such as upcycling by turning old unwanted jars into beautiful terrariums. This event was supported by PUB with presence of GOLD 90.5FM’s DJ, Vernetta Lopez, who conducted a live roving report to showcase SSMC’s water conservation and green efforts.

SSMC signs up to nurture the leaders of the feature via NTU PEAK challenge

On 1 February 2018, SSMC signed memorandums of understanding (MOU) during the launch of NTU career fair. This program matches high-ability undergraduates with senior executives of partnering firms and challenges students to be future ready. SSMC provides a conducive environment to sharpen their skills in multidiscipline and cross function environment, demonstrate leadership skills and be the change makers in the industrial 4.0 landscape. In the past two years, SSMC hosted 10 PEAK NTU interns, and the first batch completed their internship in quarter 3 2017.

SSMC's Strong Presence in SSIA Automation Supplier Day 2018

On 18 Jan 2018, SSMC participated the Inaugural Automation Supplier Day event held by SSIA. More than 140 representatives of Semiconductor and Electronics Industry joined this session to discuss automation solutions, share best practices in areas of productivity, smart manufacturing innovations; and showcase latest technologies and capabilities to stay competitive. Mr. Lim Beng Kiat, SSMC’s Purchasing Director is invited to be the panelist to share SSMC’s Automation journey; 6 other SSMC members also gain deep insight in their respective area of expertise.

SSMC is featured in CNA's "Blueprint for Survival"

On 17 Jan 2018, SSMC was featured in the documentary of Channel News Asia (CNA), “Blueprint for Survival”. Supporting PUB’s industrial water recycling initiative, SSMC made history in being the first for using NEWater in the semiconductor industry. As a result, 100% of semiconductor wafer fabs together with over 600 companies in Singapore reap the benefits of NEWater. Together, we made a difference in water conservation; paving the path for tomorrow.

SSMC Achieved 8 Million Wafer Shipment

On 8 Nov, SSMC achieved 8 millionth wafer shipment in record-breaking 16 months cycle in spite of a more challenging market environment. This success is not possible without the strong partnership from all our customers. We deeply appreciate for all your support to achieve this historic milestone. SSMC is ready to win together with our customer in many more millionth wafer shipment milestones to come.