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    Enables our employees to develop to their fullest potential !

A $500 learning credit that allows our employees to enroll in a wide range of courses. SSMC has launched iLEAP learning program with more than 160 courses, including Customer Service, Information Communications, Finance, Personal Development, and soft skill trainings. Every employee is given a $500 learning credit to go for these courses during normal work days.

SSMC’s commitment to support government initiatives towards progressive human capital development. Employees’ personal development has always been one of our top priorities. With the recent implementation of Skillsfuture plans, SSMC has committed to facilitate and encourage our employees to actively participate in the training courses. We believe that by offering training leave and financial, we can stimulate their enthusiasm to learn port.

Attended "Maximizing Pivot Table"

iLEAP provides good quality training courses that covers relevant topics and issues we face at work. After the course, I feel better equipped to surmount the obstacles that I face.

Franco Tan - Diffusion

Attended “Discover EQ At Workplace”

The course uncovered the dynamics of people-to-people relationships and showed me the best way to get excellence from the team.

Paul Lee - Photo

Attended“Visual Basic Application for Excel”

It helped me greatly in my daily work, not only creating and utilizing macros but also understanding the codes for existing macro.

Monica Teo - Diffusion

Attended “Solve Problems & Make Decisions”

It helps to upgrade your knowledge & it’s sponsored by SSMC, why wait?

Catherine Chua - Integration