• Overseas Attachment

It has been a great pleasure working with the pioneers of the semiconductor industry at Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Over the one-year overseas attachment, I have established a good relationship with the NXP front-end innovation team, and acquired knowledge on device simulation, design and characterization.

I also enjoyed experiencing their culture and exploring those picturesque landscapes. Overall, it was an eye-opening experience.

This overseas attachment to Nijmegen, Netherlands has allowed me to gain valuable insights into the various aspects of technology (ie. design, device, modelling, integration or backend fab interaction).

I had all the learning tools at my disposal and many opportunities to interact with experienced people from various disciplines. This journey of discovery has broadened my horizon greatly.

It has also given me a better understanding on the viewpoints of different stakeholders, working towards achieving a common goal while developing positive work relationships. Working closely with customers has also given me a better understanding of the needs of the rapidly changing market.

Outside work, I enjoyed exploring the numerous European landmarks, immersing myself in their culture and capturing the beautiful landscapes. Thank you, SSMC!