• SSMC Challenge


We are committed in shaping the next generation, and we initiated this program alongside NTU to integrate fresh perspectives and ideas into our business. We shared real-life business challenges with the students, while offering them advice on how to tackle business problems.

We were amazed by the innovative ideas offered by NTU students on the issues given. Serving as an independent third party in approaching those issues, with no personal or professional relationship with SSMC employees, they presented objective insights that could tackle the issues at its roots.

The world is becoming increasingly digitalised and interconnected. With new ideas being generated by students who clearly understand the ebbs and flows of this technological age, NTU Peak has become a platform for us to better reach out to connect and understand the youths of today.

We are encouraged to step out of our comfort zone, to look at things from a more comprehensive perspective, and to apply our academic knowledge in a practical sense. We would like to express our gratitude towards SSMC and NTU for this amazing learning journey.

   NTU PEAK Team 5

Being able to interact with many employees in SSMC has broadened our exposure on how they strive to live up SSMC’s values and goals. This experience has enabled us to be more prepared to embark on our future career journey. We want to thank SSMC and NTU for this humbling programme.

   NTU PEAK Team 6

Living up to our expectations, they bravely presented bold and practical digital solutions that should be able to effectively solve the issues. Now, after the dust has settled, we offered them an internship, giving them the golden opportunity to turn their plans into reality.

-- Mentor to both NTU Peak Teams