• S.E.E.D
    S c h o l a r s h i p s
    Scheme for Employee Education & Development

Hear what our SEED awardees have to say…

  • Education is powerful, and learning
    enables me to perform better in my

    Although, it is difficult to juggle
    between work, study and family, I find
    it very uncomfortable to stop learning
    and do nothing. There is simply this
    urge in me to constantly improve my
    knowledge and skills.

    I feel very blessed to have trainers
    that are very dedicated. Not only, do
    they share their own personal
    experiences, they have put in much
    effort to make the lessons interactive
    and interesting.

    I am genuinely thankful for the
    sponsorship and the trust that SSMC
    has in me to fulfill my dream for
    further education.

Daniel Lim – Photo

NITEC course

  • The Specialist Diploma course in
    Wafer Fabrication has equipped me
    with technical knowledge required for
    me to perform even better at my
    work station and enabled me to gain
    a better understanding and overview
    of the functions of other

    Juggling between work and school is
    a challenge. It would not be possible
    without the strong support from my
    department, granting me study leave
    during the occasions where my work
    schedule and school timetable
    timings are in conflict. Overall,
    attending lessons once a week is still
    manageable. I am a firm believer that
    learning is a lifelong journey. Never
    stop while you can still carry on.

Voon Siong Chong – Diffusion

Specialist Diploma

  • I believe in lifelong learning and
    development. Even after serving
    SSMC for 11 years, everyday presents
    an opportunity to better myself.

    Knowing I have been awarded the
    SEED scholarship to study the NITEC
    course, makes me feel proud and
    obliged to do well at the same time.

    I am able to concurrently learn and
    apply the knowledge in my
    workplace, making the course
    practical and useful.
    Learning the job scopes of other
    departments also gives me a broader
    picture on how different
    departments can work together as a
    whole, and complement each other
    in the wafer fabrication process.

Zhao Delu – Manufacturing, Etch

NITEC course