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Business Process

In today's fast-paced and highly competitive business environment, speed and quality are crucial in being the market leader. At SSMC, providing peace of mind to our customers - TSMC and NXP - to doing business with us is our way of saying "Your Success is Our Success".

For every customer, we have a dedicated customer support team where experienced individuals from key departments of Account Management, Customer Support, Product Engineering, Test Engineering and Process Integration are assigned. The objectives of these cross-functional teams are to maintain a convenient contact window to our customers and it is SSMC's prerogative to meet and exceed every need of our customers.

The customer’s business process with our Account Managers who provide commercial advice and support for customers to meet their requirements and expectations. In the daily operations, our Customer Support Engineers have the key responsibility to manage the production orders from customers to ensure timely deliveries. Our The Account Manager team performs a crucial role as the main contact window for our customers. They are also the drivers for the activities during the product prototyping phase. At this phase, our Tapeout engineering and Product Engineering teams work closely with customers to ensure first-time right designs. Finally, our Product engineers are also responsible for yield performance of products in production.

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