We are committed to meeting the customers’ needs for quicker time-to-market, shorter lead-times and the highest possible quality of wafers.

  • Production Logistics

    A major aspect of the business process is demand management. Critical in an upturn, we ensure that customers’ required demands are met to seize market opportunities abound in the market place. The process that takes place involves the close cooperation of the customers, central planning organization in TSMC and NXP and the Marketing and Business Development Department in SSMC. Equally important during a downturn, we strive hand-in-hand with our customers to manage the uncertainties in the market.

    With demand management securing production capabilities, the next crucial step is order fulfillment. When the orders are received at SSMC, we are committed to respond with a delivery commitment within 1 working day. The orders are then scheduled for processing. Within the order process, the lead-time between orders received and wafer starts is also kept in check. The production batches are monitored closely to assure on time delivery.

  • Fab Cycle Time

    We offer best-in-class services for our customers with industry-leading days per mask layer cycle times.At the same time, we constantly benchmark our performance against our mother fabs and the worldwide best-in-class fabs.

  • Maintaining Best-in-Class Cycle Time
    • Accurate modeling of the fab capacity incorporating a Wafer Start Management System
    • Committed order fulfillment/shipment management
    • Bottleneck Management
    • Innovative WIP management system
    • Various activities to reduce Line variability

Our planners work very closely with our customers and mother fabs to ensure that all our customers’ production requirements are met. All these activities aim to maintain best-in-class overall order lead-time from orders to wafer shipment.